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A retro Strategy/Adventure/RPG/Deck-building game (with puzzle bits)

TheGH_logo(JR) latest offering from veteran game designer Ian Williams is a curious mash-up of video game genres, taking in turn-based strategy, adventure, RPG, board game and deck-building elements to create a highly original fusion.

The game is firmly based in a “retro” tradition: the strategy game plays out on a simple board divided into squares, the adventure is of the “text” variety and combat is handled in a “rocGoblin Harvest sc2k-paper-scissors” manner.

This doesn’t mean that it lacks sophistication, though. Every time you play Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest, a brand new, procedurally-generated game is created. Almost everything is randomly generated: the landscape, the position of enemies and NPCs, the placement of objects, the prices in the shops, the names of the Towns, the tales people tell… Yet a balance is maintained so, while each game has its own character and challenges, it will always be winnable (though it might not always feel that way!).

You can watch the video below to learn how to play, or read the (Very) Quick Start section on the Official Gamepedia Wiki.

Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest is available to buy at http://subjunctive.itch.io/goblin-harvest-the-mighty-quest. A freely-downloadable trial version, limited to 10 turns but with no other restrictions, is also available on the same page.

And the iPad version’s coming soon!